Why other hair tangles and Tress Temple hair does not....

Why other hair tangles and Tress Temple hair does not....

Have you ever wondered why you can brush your hair to perfection only to be dealing with a massive tangle 5 minutes down the road? Most people have wondered, and we have an answer for that! Most hair companies source their hair from Aliexpress, Alibaba, and similar Chinese sources. This is the root of the problem! Companies who source from such sources are NOT selling Virgin hair! The Chinese buy the scrap hair from India and process it numerous times to create an artificial shine and luster. Processing the hair is what destroys the cuticles and ruins the hair. 

Let's back track a little and discuss some vocabulary. Virgin hair is hair that has NOT been chemically processed. Lastly, a cuticle is considered the outer layer of a strand of hair shown by the diagram below:

Healthy cuticles are very smooth, while damaged cuticles are very rough and separated from the shaft of the hair. This is something that can only be seen under a microscope, so we have added example pictures below:

The cuticle on the left is what happens to fine Indian hair after it gets to China and is processed several times. The chemical processes used to create artificial shine are the very reason why the hair tangles and frizzes. When the hair is unprocessed, the cuticle is considered to be closed. Notice the picture on the right depicts a very smooth strand. The damaged cuticle on the left, is an example of an open cuticle. When the cuticles are open, the open layers of the cuticle become snagged on each other, resulting in tangles and knots in your hair. 

Here at Tress Temple, we provide temple hair and we have a very raw process that involves shaving the hair, removing gray hair, cleaning the hair, and sewing the hair into wefts. At no point do we process that hair in any way. This ensures that the hair stays healthy and the cuticle stays intact like the strand shown on the right side of the above image. That's the Tress Temple difference!


  • Shaundra Stevens

    This is interesting. When will yall have some new info?

  • Cassandra Bloom

    Very logical explaination for tangling. I will be ordering shortly!

  • Shirli Jones

    Really interesting article. Thank you

  • Shania Watson

    This was interesting. I hope to see more tress temple blogs. I would like to know more.

  • Cynthia Brooks

    This makes perfect sense. I’ve always wondered why my weave tangles so fast and looses its original texture. Is this what causes shedding as well?

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